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Denise Graybeal, MSW, LMT

I am a nationally certified, licensed massage therapist with over 12 years in practice. I’ve been trained in a range of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue, working with specific ailments and injuries, and physical and mental trauma, stress, and anxiety. In 2016, I obtained a 54-hour psychotherapeutic Trauma Training certificate, and I received my Master of Social Work in 2019. In 2020, I completed a 300-hour Yoga Psychology certificate. I am continuing my studies in mind-body treatments, including yoga, bodywork, mindfulness, meditation, and counseling related modalities. There are profound benefits to safe therapeutic touch and bodywork on trauma recovery, as well as psychological conditions related to stress, depression, and anxiety.


After becoming a mother in 2020, I'm also particularly passionate about helping new (and seasoned) moms let go of tension, pain, and stress in their bodies (and minds!), and to have a chance to relax and feel well tended for a little pocket of time in the midst of their demanding days! 

And as a military spouse, I'm familiar with the unique demands placed on military families - spouses, service members, children, and even family and friends. The stress it creates is impactful. It is crucial to take care of yourself, and to find your supports in each new passing home. I am honored to help anyone in these positions, and to do my part to help keep this community feeling well and peaceful.


My massages are catered to each client’s needs, be it a specific area of discomfort needing focused work, or a full body session aimed at overall tension and stress relief. In an appointment with me, you can expect a safe place to communicate, an empathizing listener, and then a comprehensive massage treatment, incorporating all my training into one complete, relaxing, and effective therapeutic session.

It’s extremely gratifying to end a session and see the positive change that has occurred, and for each person to walk out of a massage session as if a tremendous weight has been lifted, feeling more relaxed, stress-free, and healthy. I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey, and working with you to achieve these same results!

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