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Benefits of Massage

Massage has been utlitized as a form of therapy and wellness support in some parts of the world for thousands of years. In the past few centuries, and especially the last several decades, massage and touch therapy have been heavily researched and incorporated into conventional health treatments. There is now a wealth of research attesting to the benefits of massage and touch therapy, with more being added. 

Massage therapy is far more than a "luxury" treatment; it is legitimately beneficial to your physical and emotional health. Just a small sampling of potential benefits includes:

  • alleviating depression symptoms

  • improving sleep

  • promoting relaxation

  • easing anxiety

  • speeding injury and surgery recovery

  • reducing pain

  • reducing stress hormones

  • improving flexibility

  • supporting training for athletic endeavors


The Power of Touch

Touch is an extremely powerful form of therapy; a form of connection to others and a gateway into yourself. Therapeutic massage ranges from light touch, energetic work to deep tissue manipulation.

The body is a fascinating composition that truly is our vehicle for life, and the way we treat and maintain it will have a powerful impact. Muscles hold tension from physical and mental stressors and can develop unrelenting trigger points and painful holding patterns. And while manual work can physically loosen and break up these tension points, even gentler massage modalities are very effective at alleviating tension, pain, and stress. The relaxation of a massage combined with nervous and muscle stimulation encourages the body to return to normal, healthy functioning.


The benefits are endless; relieving mental stress alone has exponential results, especially combined with improved circulation, lymph drainage, and joint flexibility, faster muscle recovery, increased energy, and other somatic and emotional results.

The next time you feel the stress, aches and pains adding up – or preventatively before they begin – treat yourself – and your body, that works so hard for you – to a massage. It’s not just an indulgence; it’s a legitimate step to becoming the most healthy and well you that you can be.

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